Low ppm Textile Dyeing Salt

Product Properties:

At SSV Salt we offer premium quality Refined Low ppm salt ranging from 200 ppm, 250 ppm and 300 ppm low hardness salt or Low ppm salt based on the needs of Textile Dyeing Industries.

Product quality

At dyeing process, the Refined Low ppm salt is used in the exhaustion of the dye to the fabric. The Refines Low ppm Salt acts as the ionic force that moves the dye to the fabric. Use of Premium Grade Refined low ppm hardness salt helps in uniform colour exhaustion, which gives the fabric a better look. Low ppm Refined Salt has less calcium, magnesium and other minerals compared to Crystal salt and thus making it more suitable for Dyeing Industries

We at SSV Salt, our prominence is in maintaining the low hardness of the salt and ensure the salt is free from foreign particles and impurities by which the dyeing process gets the best result.


We offer our customers the best service, ensuring high product quality and a reliable delivery.

Product Range:

  • 200 ppm Low hardness salt
  • 250 ppm Low hardness salt
  • 300 ppm Low hardness salt

Packaging size:

Available in

  • 50 Kg – Laminated Bag