Salt for Poultry Feed

Right amount of Salt consumption in poultry feed can help optimize performance in meat and egg production. For laying hens, salt is extremely important for proper reproductive health.

It is important that salt to be part of a chicken’s diet. Salt should be present in chicken feeds at an approximate rate of 0.15%. If salt is restricted in poultry feed, the health of the birds may get affected. Improper intake of salt in poultry feed may leads to weight loss with Chickens or Broilers and there may be an increase in pecking other animal’s mane or tail, feather eating and general flock nervousness.

At SSV Salt, our prominence is in maintaining the right level of Sodium Chloride, Calcium and Magnesium in the Salt to enhance better result when mixed with Poultry Feed.


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Packaging size:

Available in

  • 50 Kg – Laminated Bag
  • 50 kg – Un-laminated Bag