SSV Salt – the pioneer and leading salt manufacturer in Tuticorin, India for more than half a century is focusing on International business on Salt. The crystal Salt produced in Tuticorin, India has the best quality compared to other states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The Sea salt produced at our salt pan has rich minerals and natural goodness which is best for human consumption.
Our major focus is into export of quality edible salt and industrial Salt products to cater to needs of customer worldwide. Since 2015 our salt products are being exported to Africa, Singapore, Maldives, Mauritius and Brunei through merchant exporters in neither customer’s brand name nor our brand name.
We do customised packing as per customer requirements. Currently we do
  • 250g packing
  • 500g packing
  • 1 Kg & 3 Kg packing
  • 25 Kg and 50 Kg packing.


At SSV Salt Company, we are equipped with the latest Equipments and Technology for Salt Harvesting, Salt Refining & Packaging. We comply with best standards and practice across all operations right from pre-harvesting, post-harvesting of salt, processing and packing of edible salt with cutting-edge technology.


  • Refined Salt Plant Capacity – 5 MT/HR
  • Crystal Salt Plant Capacity – 3 MT/HR
  • Bosch High Speed Automatic Packing Machines (German Technology) - 3 Nos.
  • Our warehousing capacity is more than 15000 sq.ft
  • Covered loading area for Containers & Lorries