Salt for Aquaculture / Shrimp Fish

Product Properties:

Salt and sodium play an important role in the seafood industry. Proper applications of salt can result in added sodium of 50 to 250 mg sodium per 100 grams of shrimp meat.

For centuries, salt has played an important role in the preservation and flavour enhancement of many food products, including all seafood. The ions that form salt, or sodium chloride (Nacl), are an essential part of the human diet, regulating water balance and maintaining fluid volume in the liquids surrounding cells. In shrimp, the presence of saltiness is proven to be a preferred sensory attribute by consumers, and salt was also found to result in better texture due to the increased thaw and/or cook yields. Additionally, use of salt was found to improve faster growth, improved muscle and enhance the appearance of shrimp.

Fish farmers know the stress and infections after excessive manipulation or mishandling of their fishes during harvests, transferences, grading, preparation for transport, live hauling, induced spawning and many other routine work activities can cause significant losses of fish. These losses could be minimized by improving handling and preventively using common salt

Common salt (sodium chloride – NaCl) is widely available, safe to fish, and leaves no residues on fish flesh, being regarded as safe for use in aquaculture in many countries. Use of Salt is often essential in routine handling of freshwater fish. Salt helps to counteract handling stress, restore osmoregulation, prevent and control diseases, improve overall condition and survival of fish prior to and after transportation, helps to alleviate adverse environmental conditions, and supports the well-being of breeder fish during and after spawning activities, among other practical applications and benefits.

At SSV Salt, our prominence is in maintaining the right level of Sodium Chloride, Calcium and Magnesium in the Salt to enhance better result for aquaculture industry.


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  • 50 Kg – Laminated Bag
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